What Our Customers Are Saying

I call this Laundromat The Happy Place. This says a lot, given the fact that I abhor doing laundry. All I can say is that when I'm here, I feel like everything is all right with the world. The staff seem happy and provide service with laughter and ease. The fact that we're all living paycheck to paycheck doesn't matter. And when the machines break down, they put signs on them that say "out for service". At The Happy Place, you will find detergent, a candy machine, toys, tv, a bathroom, and dry cleaning options. What's not to love?

This place is the best! Open 24 hours, frosty ac, snack and toy machines with good selection, drop off AND dry cleaning, a friendly staff, and never too crowded. Because its huge!

This place gets crowded, but that's only because it's the place to go. I'll only ever go here. Also it's open 24/7? THE DAMN DREAM.

I've been to other laundromats in the neighborhood--this is the ONE. Really. There are NO mean attendants, NO gunk in the soap slots, NO wait for machines, NO fight over carts. Seriously, the other laundromats close by have ALL of those things.

Very clean. Good signs on how to wash and pay. Takes bills and coins. Has detergent to purchase also! Washing machine takes some time.